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Hidden Children: the Story of State Care for Separated Children

on Wednesday, 29 October 2008. Posted in Issue 59 In Recession who will be left Stranded?

Maria Corbett

November 2008

Please Let Us Stay campaign

Young people involved in the P+L+U+S

(Please Let Us Stay) campaign

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pdf Hidden Children: the Story of State Care for Separated Children



During the past ten years, over 5,300 children have come to the attention of the authorities in Ireland, having arrived here without the company of either of their parents. Many of these children, referred to as ‘separated children’ or ‘unaccompanied minors’, have experienced war and violence; some have been trafficked or smuggled into Ireland. They come from a wide range of countries, including Nigeria, Somalia, Ghana, Angola, Rwanda, China and parts of the Middle East and Eastern Europe.


Juvenile Justice, Child Care and the Children Act, 2001

on Thursday, 10 April 2003. Posted in Issue 45 Social Partnership: Is it a Just Structure?, 2003

Raymond Doole and Maria Corbett

The juvenile justice system in Ireland is governed by legislation (the Children Act, 1908) that pre-dates the creation of the present Irish State.  New legislation (the Children Act, 2001) has been enacted but the ongoing delay in bringing most of its provisions into force has resulted in the continued use of the outdated 1908 Act.  Full introduction of the 2001 legislation is not expected until the end of 2006.

We tend to think that law defines what crime is. This makes sense because contemporary legal codes are concerned with marking out the territory where conduct is permissible by specifying the conduct that is outlawed. Yet the earliest bodies of law – consider for example, the Torah or Hammurabi’s Code – are at least as committed to articulating the good as proscribing the bad... Read full editorial

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