Archive 1993-1997

30 November, 1997 Working Class Cultures: Can They Adapt? Bill Toner, SJ pdf
29 June, 1997 Zero Tolerance - An Adequate Crime Policy? Tom Giblin, SJ pdf
28 April, 1997 The Poverty Trap: What Can Be Done?   pdf
    Approaches To Crime Reduction Sean Redmond, Director of PACE pdf
    Poverty In Ireland: How Accurate Are Estimates Of 'Average Income'?   pdf
27 November, 1996 European Monetary Union: Should We Catch The EMU Express?   pdf
    Disadvantages Of Monetary Union?   pdf
26 September, 1996 Social Welfare, Tax, And The Family Bill Toner, SJ pdf
    Response Of Eastern Health Board To The Drugs Problem Peter McVerry, SJ pdf
25 April, 1996 Zero-Rated VTOS   pdf
    Cultural Variations: A Challenge To Dogmatism?   pdf
    Technology And Unemployment   pdf
24 October, 1995 Anti Poverty Submission   pdf
    Results Of A Survey: What Is Needed Reduce Poverty In Ireland Today?   pdf
    An Anti-Poverty Strategy   pdf
    Key Points Of An Anti-Poverty Strategy   pdf
23 April, 1995 What Do We Mean By Justice?   pdf
    Community Initiatives - What Did We Learn?   pdf
    New Jobs - Where Will They Come From?   pdf
    Youth Work Hit By Drug Abuse Peter McVerry, SJ pdf
    Enterprise Development: How Relevant To The Long-Term Unemployed?   pdf
22 December, 1994 Are Schemes The Answer To Community Employment?   pdf
    Taking The Longer View: The Workmate Project, Ballymun   pdf
    Starting Young - The Lifestart Initiative   pdf
    How Big Is The Housing List?   pdf
    More On School Dropout - Two New Reports (Listening and Learning, Where Are They Now?)   pdf
    A Helping Hand For People In Debt   pdf
21 July, 1994 The New CMRS Programme: Part-time Job Opportunities   pdf
    School Attendance: A Timely Report   pdf
    Broad-Based Organising   pdf
    Economic Growth and Long-Term Unemployment   pdf
    Unemployment: The Hidden Impact   pdf
    The Management of Offenders - A Five Year Plan Eoin O'Sullivan pdf
20 January, 1994 770 Jobs for a Million Pounds   pdf
    Drugs and Dropouts   pdf
    Whose Law and Order? Eoin O'Sullivan pdf
    Unemployment: The CMRS Proposal   pdf
    Are the Unemployed the Problem?   pdf
    The Number of Homeless People in Ireland - A Reassessment of an Assessment Eoin O'Sullivan pdf
19 October, 1993 Community Development Funding: Does the Government Need an Outreach Facility?   pdf
    A New Framework for Juvenile Justice Eoin O'Sullivan pdf
    Urban Crime - Can We Learn from the Danes?   pdf
    Homeless Young People Peter McVerry, SJ pdf
    No Short-Term Solutions for Long-Term Unemployment   pdf
    Grassroots (Priests and Religious Working in Disadvantaged Areas)   pdf
    "Work Is The Key" - What Next?   pdf
18 April, 1993 Can We Level the Playing Field?   pdf
    Exporting Our Problems - The Irish Economy in a Comparative Institutional Perspective   pdf
    Global Fund   pdf
    Centralisation Undermining Area Partnerships?   pdf

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