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Parenting Adolescents

on Saturday, 05 July 2003. Posted in Issue 39 The Crisis in Parenting, 2001

Marie Murray

February, 2001


Adolescence is a wonderful time.  One is on the brink of life.  Childhood is a glimpse behind, adulthood a stretch ahead and in between is the agony and the ecstasy of negotiating the transition from one stage to the other.

Adolescence is a time of hope.  The possibilities and potentialities are at their greatest. Intellectual capacity peaks.  Energy, enthusiasm and sheer joy of living surge up in the wit, the humour, the idealism, energy and purpose of the young.  Never again will the brain and the body, the spirit and the self be so utterly able.  This should be the moment of which marvellous memories are made.  Not so, today, for far too many young people.