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Women in Prison: The Corston Report

on Wednesday, 02 July 2008. Posted in Issue 58 Time for Justice?

Baroness Jean Corston
July, 2008

pdf Women in Prison: The Corston Report


Lady Jean Corston

Baroness Jean Corstonaddressing the seminar, \'Women in Prison: The Need for a Critical Review\'


In March 2006, I was commissioned by the then Home Secretary, Charles Clarke MP, to undertake ‘a review of women with particular vulnerabilities in the criminal justice system’ of England and Wales. My report was published in March 2007.1 In December 2007, the Government issued an official response to the findings of the review.2

In this paper I want, first of all, to say something about the background to the review. I will then say what I found, what I concluded, and what is now happening in response to my report.